SEO Website Design

What is SEO website design and how can it help you?

SEO Website Design is obviously the concept of designing a Website with SEO in mind. Quite, but what is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation, or Search Engine Optimization to some. It is the process of optimising your website to achieve good rankings, or positions, in the Search Engines.

Anyone who has ever created a website for the first time by themselves, or maybe had the experience of paying someone to create a site for their business, most probably, will have never even thought about SEO website design. In general, most assume that it’s simply a case of “build it and they will come” but unfortunately, the reality is this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

SEO Website DesignIf you are in business and your company generates sales and leads from it’s web presence, the power of top Google ranking is pretty obvious. If you can optimise your SEO website design so you appear at #1 for your target keywords then this is a golden opportunity to edge ahead of your competition by capitalising on the fact that you are getting more traffic than anyone else.

It’s a mixture of art and science to make websites rank on page 1, this combination is SEO website design. Quite simply if you can get the balance right, your business will be found by thousands of new customers every day which can only mean one thing, higher levels of online profit and success.

SEO Website Design Works

SEO Website Design

This is how SEO website design works in a nutshell. Everyone who searches the Web for products and services will go to Google or other search engines and enter in their search terms, it’s these search terms that are our keywords. Sites that appear in top results for these keywords are getting the greatest streams of visitors looking exactly for what they offer and that is why these crowds of people are most likely to buy.

Sounds simple…? Well yes, by knowing exactly what to do makes it easy and by doing that fast makes your SEO website design staggeringly cost effective!

To give you an example lets take look at Lisa and her online jewellery business. Lisa sells her own costume jewellery on eBay under the name LisaLovesJewellery and is starting to make a few sales, but she has had enough of the eBay and PayPal commission fees eating into her profits. Naturally, she decides she needs her own website to sell her wares and maximise her margins, so she pays a web design company to build it for her under the same name.

After a short while she decides to search for LisaLovesJewellery and to her delight the website is on page one of Google already. She cannot believe it and smiles waiting for the orders to come streaming in. Unfortunately for Lisa, like many online business owners, she was unaware of the importance of SEO website design. Obviously no-one aside from a few people on eBay, have ever heard of LisaLovesJewellery and certainly would not be searching for this term when looking to buy jewellery therefore, she won’t be getting any targeted traffic. However, you can bet there were plenty of people searching for Costume Jewellery, right? Had Lisa known about SEO website design and optimised a landing page on her website around the keyword ‘costume jewellery’ or even better ‘costume jewellery for sale’, she will have been getting many more visitors from people who have been searching for her products and once they can find it, they can start buying it!

SEO Website DesignThe appetite to shop online continues to grow day by day, year on year. The services and products people are able to browse, research and purchase online in 2011 would have been inconceivable even 2 years ago. The web is changing the way that humans interact and shop. Mobile Website Design and Social networking are absolutely massive and companies that are getting this right along with an optimised SEO website design are reaping the benefits and they will continue to do so.

In order to truly be successful online you have to get noticed and the initial step required is the right web presence with an optimised SEO website design, be it a traditional bricks and mortar business with a requirement to develop online,  a true online business, a bar, restaurant and even a school or college… In order for you to grab the attention of thousands of potential customers, it is vital you have a professional SEO website design to drive your business forward.

Dreamteamsoft will work with you to understand your needs and will optimise your SEO website design in order to meet and exceed the modern expectations of web users.


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