SEO Kick Start

The SEO kick start package is ideal for both clients with a brand new website and those with established sites looking to increase their online visibility and site traffic with an SEO boost.

As much as we’d like too, we cannot control what the search engines list. What we can do however is help influence the authority of your website by building links to it from a diverse range of sites and services, all of which Google see as natural backlinks. It’s this kind of off-page search engine optimisation that’s the gold standard in getting websites noticed for the right reasons and promoting them in search engine listings (SERPS).

Google Changes

If you have heard of some of the recent Google changes like Penguin or Panda then you’ll know that you cannot force Google to love you. If you ‘overdo’ it in an unnatural way, they can punish your website by pushing it down the list or even worse de-listing it all together. The Dreamteamsoft SEO Kick Start package is designed to create a very natural and safe boost to your rankings, without drawing unwanted attention.

What do you get with the Dreamteamsoft SEO Kick Start?

First off we need to direct what’s known as ‘Link Juice’ to your website, the more link juice you can have flowing to your website the better. This is done by building high quality links to your website from ‘Trusted’ Article Directories, EDU blog Comments, Social Networking Sites, Social Bookmarking Sites, Forum Profiles, RSS Feed Sites, Web 2.0 Profiles and Blog Comments. This might not mean much to you, in fact you may not have even heard of some of these terms, but these are exactly the kind of things Google and other search engines are looking for when they assess the authority or importance of a website.

MAJOR LINK DIVERSITY like this tells Google that your website is being used and talked about by a wide range of people and provides HUGE LINK JUICE resulting in a MASSIVE BOOST in search engine listings!

SEO Kick Start

More Link Juice!

  • Once we have finished the link building stage we’ll then build 10,000+ Blog Comments Pointing to ALL THE LIVE LINKS ABOVE!
  • All links that have been created are then submitted to the Top 20 RSS Feeds on the net for super-fast indexing!
  • Last but by no means least, to ensure all the new links are picked up we submit them through Linklicious Pro, our premium tool of choice.
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An incredible price for a premium SEO service!

The SEO Kick Start package is huge and we are really excited to launch it! Just like our free website design package, we have designed SEO Kick Start to have the maximum impact whilst still being affordable for any small to medium sized business.

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