School Websites

Core, Enhanced and Premium.

Dreamteamsoft offer three packages for school websites, each of them provide a fantastic solution to any school depending on it’s needs, wants and budget.

In order to give prospective parents the perfect introduction to the facilities and also provide a powerful communication platform for everyone involved with your school, you must make sure it’s web presence is top of the class. The website should also be cost effective and allow you to take total control of the content. A bespoke school website design from us will help you illustrate school life and achieve a truly outstanding web presence that reflects your schools merits. Our team are client led and focused on the users and we make every effort to understand what you want by identifying the needs of your school and the users of it’s website. By approaching our projects this way, we are able to deliver websites that our clients are proud of and that enable them to interact in the right way with the staff, pupils and parents.

School Websites Content Management System

Whichever package you decide upon, all of our school websites design projects begin exactly the same way. We build the framework of your site to suit your own school branding and chosen colour scheme. This enables us to incorporate our content management solution making it easy for the school to update and have full control of the content whenever they want to, while at the same time maintaining a consistent look throughout. This also enables the school to keep all of their administration in-house saving time and money.

School Website Design - Content Management System

Our Content Management System is a specifically designed to manage content in a collaborative environment. Thanks to the CMS, adding or editing content to your website to keep it vibrant, fresh and relevant has never been so easy. The users can embed any content they choose such as pdf’s, google docs, google calendars, word, excel, powerpoint documents and even image or video links. The key thing is the pages retain the same style and therefore they automatically look and feel part of the same website. In fact, every page can be updated simply by uploading a new document and entering a simple code to display.

Training ‘How to’ Videos

No special training is required to update our school websites as we provide full instructions on how it’s done with ‘Training videos’. In these videos we take you through editing the site and you simply follow what we are doing on the screen. Editing the site in this way means that the teachers and admin staff, with individual access rights based on their user roles, are able add class newsletters, dinner menus, details of upcoming events and letters home, thus creating an excellent communication platform between the school and the parents. By using this method of sharing information it is possible to provide busy parents with the perfect opportunity to catch up on school life, giving them the ability to read news or be informed of upcoming events, they can also view, download and print out any forms, slips or information they may need.

Mobile Website Design

In recent years with the advent of the smart phone, there here has been a huge shift in the way people access information from the Internet. In fact, 4 times more people now own a smart phone than a personal computer. With the emphasis focused on people on the go, mobile website design needs to deliver the important information to the user easily and with the minimum of fuss.

The main problem is that these devices are designed to be hand held and therefore the viewing area is considerably smaller than a standard computer screen. Whilst the user can find your website easily, viewing it can be cumbersome as the page is designed for a much bigger screen. Mobile school websites eliminate this problem and present the important information to the user by optimising the content for their screen size and also include a ‘click to call’ button and message option.