Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design is a bespoke service that helps your customers find the key information they need about your business quickly and easily from their smart phone.

The way people access the Internet is changing with the huge shift in popularity of the smart phone. People who wouldn’t have even owned a home computer are now regularly interacting with their smart phone, using Google and other search engines to track down what they need, wherever they are. The shift to popular devices like the iPhone and Android handsets is only going to continue.

The Alternative Is Mobile Website Design

Whilst we do not recommend including too many pages on your mobile website design, as the idea is to keep them lightweight and fast, leaving the larger content for your main site, we can include the following types of pages:

  • About Us – Details of your business
  • Bookings – Does you business accept bookings? Great for restaurants!
  • Call Back – Save your client the expense of calling you, they simply request a call back from you
  • Contact – A contact us for with phone numbers they can “touch to call”, your email address and a web form fill out with their inquiry <— Recommended for all sites!
  • Coupons – Do you offer promotional coupons, discount codes, vouchers? Share them here!
  • Events – Share details of any special events your business is hosting
  • FAQ – Help them make a decision without even needing to call you – share your Frequently Asked Questions
  • Gallery – Show off your best side with some carefully chosen pictures – we keep them small and lightweight so they open fast
  • Menu – We call it a menu as it could be food, however it could just as easily be a list of services, whatever it is you have to offer!
  • Opening Hours – So important if your business has set open and closed times – this is a well searched area
  • Services – Again, like the Menu, we can customise it to your requirements
  • Testimonials – Got some good feedback from previous customers? Do you think future clients would like to see it? Sure they would!

Our Mobile Website Design service is engineered with your business in mind!

You know that there are people out there looking for your service, that’s why you are in business right? Well we know how to help them find you and a custom designed mobile website is taking your message to your potential customers, just when they need it.

If you already have a website then the mobile site will sit comfortably along side it, so there is no need to change your main website if you don’t want to. When you navigate to Facebook on a PC the URL is obviously, well have you noticed if you open it on your phone it goes to That minute difference is the leading edge way of optimising your web presence and that is precisely how we deliver this solution to you. If it’s good for Facebook, then its got to be good for your business.

NOW is the time to expand your business with a Mobile Website Design!

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