Search engines are changing and getting found by your customers is now more important than ever.

Leading the way in this new drive for local traffic is Google Places which can actually identify the location of the searcher and will present them businesses that are near to their current location. Imagine someone is looking for an Indian restaurant or a DIY store, Google Places will return those local to them and even provide a handy map which is especially relevant in todays huge mobile search market.

Other search engines are following the trend, with Bing Local and Yahoo Local working hard to keep up with Google’s lead.

How does this effect you and your business?

If you do not optimise your site and marketing efforts to take advantage of the extra business this technology can bring, you are missing out on clients and revenue. Worse still, if your competitors are already doing it, they will be taking more and more of your market share.

Finding out how to “Get Local” is a skill, and one that needs to be maintained. This is a fast moving area and companies that get involved now will benefit the most as they will get found by an eager, laser-targeted customer base.

You don’t need to try to work it out for yourselves though. Dreamteamsoft can either provide a one off setup to get you started on each service or deliver you a monthly optimization service. You can be sure in the knowledge that as the local model continues to evolve, you will be at the leading edge and be the first to be found by your customers.

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