Get Found is the way we describe our unique SEO services; we make sure that your site is optimised for both On Page and Off Page SEO.

Let’s look at that in a bit more detail, starting with On Page SEO. This is everything that you control about the site, its making sure that you have optimised the pages around the keywords that you are targeting or put another way, that your customers are searching for. You control On Page SEO; you own the site and you have every ability to influence the way the search engines see you by building your site in the right way, optimised with text and graphics that relate to your keywords. In some way, On Page SEO is the easy part.

Off Page SEO is how the rest of the internet, or the rest of the world, sees you. Google and the other search engines, judge you by the way that other sites and people are linking to you, talking about you on blogs and forums, sharing information about you on social networking and Web 2.0 sites. All of these Off Page SEO triggers are in theory outside of your control and are therefore harder to influence.

However DreamTeamSoft can work with you to create a package that delivers both On Page and Off Page SEO enabling your site to grow in authority and ultimately advance up the search engine listing. The higher you are, the easier it is for your business to find you.


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