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Optimising a Facebook for Business page is a huge opportunity to capialise on the Social SEO phenomenon currently sweeping the internet.

Most companies today wouldn’t even consider creating corporate or product marketing plans that don’t include social media or SEO. Facebook for business is now such a key component, that they might as well not even try to compete without it. It’s now clear that the leading-edge companies are beginning to workout SEO and its importance in a killer marketing plan. A recent study found that nearly 100 percent of the top 200 brands listed in the Fortune 500 hold the top or near-top rank in search engine results for their brand name. You might not think those figures are that surprising and you would be right, but what is astonishing is the fact that a mind blowing figure of 70% of these same brands did not have Facebook for business pages in the top 20 search engine results!

Leading companies are not optimising social media, including Facebook for business to help in their SEO efforts at all, simply because they are totally unaware, as yet, that they need too! Until very recently, these two emerging technologies have been viewed as completely separate entities. Amazingly even some of the most marketing savvy online businesses have failed to join the dots between these two channels and therefore, they haven’t implemented even the simplest of optimisations to boost their Facebook for business pages in the SERPS (search engine rankings). It’s obvious that implementing a Facebook for business social media strategy without optimising your content for SEO leaves money sitting on the table. But how do you set about doing this?

Dreamteamsoft are leading the way in optimising Facebook for business to target the “Social SEO” opportunity.

Facebook for Business is THE Social SEO Opportunity

Optimising Facebook for business pages and leveraging social media for search, creates a huge opportunity for companies just like yours to control which pages rank the highest in organic search engine results.

Facebook for BusinessOptimising Facebook for business helps you increase the visibility of your brand and the products that your company carries. Your Facebook for business page is a shop window into the products and services that you offer to your customers. So if it’s ranking so low in the search engine results that it doesn’t even appear on the first page, then you are losing out on a lot of customers. By raising your Facebook for business page to the top of the search rankings, you can ensure your brand is highly visible and of course, you are driving revenue at the same time!

Another great benefit is that you can also drive engagement on your social media pages. The higher in the list your Facebook for business page appears in the results, the greater the chance that customers will visit that page and engage in conversations with you, “Like” your page or even “Share” an item with their friends for sale. The more customers “Like”, “Share”, and otherwise engage on your Facebook for business page, the higher your search rankings are going to be.

Way out in front with Facebook for Business

Using Facebook for business is leading edge Social SEO for your company. By leveraging social media for organic search performance you are tapping into a huge opportunity.  It helps you manage your company’s reputation, increase brand visibility, and drive engagement to your social media sites.  With DreamTeamSoft, you can optimise Facebook for business in ways that will drive your companies online performance to new heights, leading to improved rankings in the search engine results and increased ‘targetted’ traffic to your website. With Facebook for business and an optimised Mobile Website Design from us, you are going to leave your competitors for dust!

Don’t be left behind.  The dreamteamsoft ‘Get Social’ Team will get you started quickly with Social SEO. If you want to accelerate your Social SEO initiatives with Facebook for business, we are making it easy !

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